Click on the links below for some of the sponsored projects which Oxfordshire Geology Trust has undertaken in recent years.

Livelihoods from Chalk in the Oxfordshire Chilterns

The Chilterns area is distinctive not only in terms of its Natural Beauty, but also in terms of its heritage of regionally-specific livelihoods. Discover the link between its past and present livelihoods and the underlying chalk geology.

Local Geodiversity Action Plans

Geodiversity is the geological diversity of an area.

Trail Guides

A series of trail guides which explore the diversity of Oxfordshire’s geology, Earth Heritage and landscape.

Building Stones

OGT have been busy exploring the links between building materials and styles with the local geology.


OGT has an ongoing programme of conservation work. We work hard to ensure that our geological sites can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone, as well as helping to protect them for the future.

School Workshops

Primary school pupils across Oxfordshire are being introduced to rocks and fossils through OGT workshops funded by the Edina Trust. If you would like OGT to provide a workshop at no cost to your school, please email us at

Local geology site monitoring

We have now produced an electronic database listing the key attributes of all local geological sites in Oxfordshire. We have produced a detailed report on each site that has enabled us to identify which sites are in need of further clearance work.