Oxfordshire Geology Trust

Caring for our Landscape and Geological Heritage

Our Background

The varied geological strata of Oxfordshire have been quarried for centuries to provide building stones, limestone, sand, gravel and other resources. The rocks from these quarries have also yielded important geological evidence of life forms, environments and climates over the past two hundred million years, evidence still accessible to a general public. Many sites however have become disused, overgrown and in need of conservation. Oxfordshire Geology Trust was formed in 2000, We are a non-profit charitable organisation (registered charity number 1158783) with two main aims, to protect and conserve our geological sites and our landscape, and to raise awareness of the county’s rich and varied Earth Heritage and Geology.

Our Aims

To protect and conserve geological sites and our landscape

We protect locally important sites by surveying them, and if necessary designating them as Local Geology Sites (formerly known as RIGS- Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites), which can then be protected through the planning process. OGT has designated over 50 sites within the county.

To raise awareness of the county's rich and varied Earth Heritage and geology

The only way that sites will be protected is if people believe that they are worth protecting. The only way that sites will be protected is if people believe that they are worth protecting. OGT runs projects and events to help the public understand and appreciate the significance of Oxfordshire’s geology.


Oxfordshire Geology Trust is affiliated to both GeoConservationUK and The Geology Trusts, which are umbrella organisations for Geoconservation and Earth Heritage county groups. The Geology Trusts provides a forum in which its members share ideas, develop best practice and organise inter-county projects.
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Get Involved

Oxfordshire Geology Trust is run by volunteers. We are always in need of enthusiastic volunteers, be they professional geologists or someone simply interested in their local environment and landscape. You could be involved with a wide range of activities, from surveying sites, to helping run events and activities, or leading guided walks. For more information about how you could be involved, please contact us.

Membership is free, so do come along and join in.  Forthcoming events are listed here: Events